Hello Galaxy!

Hello, welcome to my archive. My name is Meilo Thench. I currently work as a researcher and archivist for the Galactic Free Press besides my best friend Pele Souvar, who you may already know for her big story on an Artifici attack on Orlindia earlier this year.

I love to write, but journalism isn’t really my gift, that’s all Pele. She encouraged me to explore writing in my own way, however. She thinks I have a pretty wide knowledge-base and she also likes how I approach my research. We sat around for a while, talking about just what I could do, and it suddenly struck me that I could just do what I always do.

So, this page, set up by Pele, on my behalf, is where I will post my research notes and musings on whatever subjects I am working with. This blog does not reflect the views or beliefs of my employers at the Galactic Free Press, but I appreciate their allowing me to access the research databases for this project.

I’ll mostly focus on my own articles and the like, but I expect to reblog a fair number of stuff that other people have written, especially my best friend Pele’s work.

Anyway, back to work. My first article should be eye-opening. Hopefully it stands tall. Any guesses as to what it is?


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